Good morning, and welcome to WorldSideUp and Associates. Thank you for taking the time to listen to and evaluate "Our Vision" for the future of the Businesses, Individuals and Organizations in your Community. At WorldSideUp, we do not profess to know or understand everything about the details of your current economic condition, but we do realize that something is very wrong, and that the problems that exist in communities today run very deep. We want to let you know that we here you, loud and clear.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Just think.

  • What if we all lived in a community where poverty, unemployment, and underemployment no longer existed?

  • What if we all lived in a community where petty neighborhood crime was a thing of the past?

  • What if we all lived in a community where, because of advances in technology, it became extremely convenient to support the business community of your choice?

  • What if we all lived in a community where the businesses in the community were given a Guarantee to Purchase their Products by the listing and marketing company that they chose to do Business with?

  • What if we all lived in a community where all of the member Businesses were given the opportunity to receive financial assistance to provide a living wage to all of it's employees, without being required to pay it back?

  • What if we all lived in a community where everyone that wanted to go to college, went to college, but went without putting the family under a tremendous load of debt?

  • What if we all lived in a community where the schools in the area had the tools necessary to promote a positive learning experience, and when the students graduated, there was a real future waiting for them?

  • What if we all lived in a community where every adult member received a "Work Based Universal Baseline Income" of up to $4,000 per month?

  • What if every person had their own Business which was funded up to $9,000 every quarter or up to $36,000 per year,including a premium health insurance plan or College fund along with Cellular Communications Service for life, all paid for by your own tax deductible WorldSideUp & Associates Business Enterprise?

Good morning, and welcome to WorldSideUp and Associates, the home of your new, closed, cooperative community. WorldSideUp is a system specifically designed to create jobs by re-creating a new industry which provides better services to list, market, advertise, and sell your products or services, better than is currently available in the marketplace today.

We want to thank you for taking the time to listen to and evaluate "Our Vision" for the future of the Businesses, Individuals and Organizations in your Community. At WorldSideUp, we do not profess to know or understand everything about the details of your current economic condition, but we do realize that something is very wrong, and that the problems that exist in communities today run very deep.

Because of thirty years of planning, and difficult work,and an unselfish allocation of resources, all of our communities, beginning with yours, can receive the benefit of such a prosperous and productive environment.

Yes, with Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanic's, Asians, Whites,Indians and others, working side by side, making the impossible - possible, we can turn our economic future around for the betterment of our families and our communities. The businesses, working hand in hand with the general population of the community, can help to lift us all up economically, while providing employment to all, and improving the businesses bottom line.

WorldSideUp's Mission is to help Businesses and Individuals alike, first, by providing Businesses with an increase in Guaranteed Product Sales, and to Subsidize a portion of the Wages, so as to be able to hire more people, and pay them a better Salary, with Benefits.

Next, by providing Individuals with a Guaranteed Stable Work Based Universal Baseline Income that can be relied on, with enough income so that many of your basic needs, including health insurance, are met.

Finally, we provide you with the comfort that your children will have a sound economic future to look forward to, like an inheritance of sort, providing them with a good sound financial start in life.

These are critically important factors that have the greatest impact on economic sustainability in any community.

Using our various companies and divisions such as, the OurWorldPages Business Directory,which is a business directory which identifies companies which have paid to be listed and has made that financial commitment towards you and your community.

The World Small Business Organization and Associates, or W S B O & Associates, is an organization dedicated to promoting businesses and assisting individuals to get into business by providing members with business ownership.

The Virtual Mega SuperMall, which is our Amazon like online venue which provides a place to market and sell your products, and offers a product purchase guarantee.

The Business & Education Digest, which is an online publication which issues press releases for your companies and advertises the products and services for your companies, and direct links from the product articles to the products in the VMS.

Cooperative Community Legal Services, CCLS, creates the corporate entities for member businesses. They will file, keep, and manage the corporate paperwork, handle all additional filings for you and create the joint venture platform that we use to do business with each other. All fees for this service are paid for at no cost to you.

Construction Planning and Scheduling Services which will serve as our company to provide land acquisition, project management, scheduling, planning, and construction management services.

and the soon to be thousands of associates of all kinds, providing both goods and services, WorldSideUp will change the way that we conduct business in America and throughout the world by using the Cooperative Community approach that says, "We Do Business With Those That Do Business With Us, and we are unapologetic about it.

WorldSideUp is a local government friendly system that provides the Individual members in your community with a privately generated and funded Work Based Universal Baseline Income.

Privately generated is important, because anything else is nothing more than a system of welfare for all, and if history tells us anything, it tells us that if the government gives it, then there will come a time when the government will return to take it back, and normally they will get it.

As a note, when I mention that we are Government Friendly, I mean that, working with WorldSideUp, does not have a negative impact on local government operations or taxes. As a matter of fact, the products that are processed and sold by the local merchants, are picked-up, shipped, or delivered to the clients on an after tax basis, and the services are handled, distributed and sales taxes collected through the local merchants, just like the way that they make sales tax payments today.

Because the businesses in the WorldSideUp System will receive and process more orders for more products, then the sales taxes collected by local governments will increase substantially. We actually enhance the way that your companies normally conduct business, by working with the local merchants to sell more of their products and services.

Think of it as you would think of a decentralized Amazon distribution system, whereas, normally, the orders going to Amazon are being fulfilled by Amazon, thus cutting out local businesses and local government taxes. However, with WorldSideUp, the orders for products come through our system, and go directly to you, the local merchant, where, as a merchant in the WorldSideUp system, your business handles the fulfillment and gets the deserved revenue and exposure that comes along with it.

Local businesses and communities will explode with growth, and the positive effect on the manufacturing community in your country will make you proud to be affiliated with WorldSideUp and Associates.

With WorldSideUp, we simply assist you, the local merchant, in doing much more of what you already do, which is to manufacture or fulfill more orders for more products and services. Creating more jobs and business opportunities is among the top responsibilities facing the community through its government, and to give up this responsibility to large corporations, is the death of every town, and eventually, every city in the world.

Our over-simplified version of what the WorldSideUp System will do for your community is as follows:,

For Business members, in order to employ more people and provide them with a better living wage along with benefit's, you can take advantage of our Business Income Assistance Program, which was designed to supplement employee wages, by providing subsidies to companies of up to $2,500 per employee per month, in order to increase income and benefits to any employee covered by the plan.

Business members will also receive our one of a kind Product Purchase Guarantee, whereby, as a member of WorldSideUp, if you list your businesses products or services with us in the Virtual Mega SuperMall and they do not sell, then we will purchase products from your inventory at up to $9,000 per quarter, or up to $36,000 per year.

This will create a need for additional products, thus, creating the need for additional product manufacturing and the need for additional manufacturing jobs.

For individual members, as a Master Agent of WorldSideUp, our system will provide you with a Work Based Universal Baseline Income of up to $4,000 per month for each adult member. A Universal Baseline Income is a means of providing both short and long term financial security to you and your family, and comes to you, whether or not you work.

WorldSideUp also provides attractive benefits to the Business members and Organizations in your community. For instance, each member has the option of having a Storefront in our system, which will receive quarterly funding of up to an additional $9,000 every 3 months, for you to either purchase products for yourself from the Virtual Mega SuperMall, or sell products or services to members through the Virtual Mega SuperMall.

We say every company in our system will benefit, and they will,make no mistake about it, but those that choose not to do business with us by not joining our network of product and service providers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, will not receive the benefit of our massive buying power and our patronage.

Earning a strong income is good, but in order to truly capitalize on the income earned by you, to build wealth, you must continue use this process of manufacturing, buying, selling, saving and investing within your community, which will keep the money in the community working for all of you, and this currency circulation cycle is the key to growing and sustaining a great economy in your community.

Neither you nor your community will survive without the revenue & infrastructure that small and local business provides. Large corporations do play a very significant role in the overall survivability of a community, but business and community development is not a part of it.

In order for any community to survive, the community must produce what it consumes, or at absolute least, it must sell what it purchases.

Isn't it ironic, that the poorest city in the nation, Camden New Jersey, is situated right across the Delaware River and looking directly at one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

It is kind of depressing. You see, Camden New Jersey is said to be the leader in crime among the major cities in the United States, and as we all know, with great poverty comes great crime. Please understand that within one generation, we can change that community dynamic.

Now, in a Historic move, we are going to the neighborhoods of Camden New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, Oakland California, St. Louis Missouri, Atlanta Georgia, Houston Texas, New Orleans Louisiana, and other major cities and communities across America, and then later, around the world, in order to introduce and implement our proprietary and unique jobs, opportunities and Universal Baseline Income program to the people, with the goal of saving our communities from the plights associated with poverty, unemployment and progress.

Watch as we convert the poorest communities per capita, into some of the wealthiest communities per capita, in less than one generation.

Although this system is for use by all people, regardless of race or creed, in some communities, the need is greater, or even critical.

Please allow me the opportunity to respectfully address the Black, Native American and Hispanic community leaders, because it is with them, that the need is currently urgent.


To my honorable constituents, I must regretfully inform you, that your people will not get the respect that you so much seek from the government, the legal, and the law enforcement system, until you can first, control the economy in your own communities.

You must return to the principals that made you successful when you were successful. That means that businesses inside your community must be in a position to produce what you consume, or at least the businesses must sell what you purchase. In addition, the businesses must provide jobs and income opportunities to the people, and you must put yourself in a position to be able to speak from a position of strength.

Any community with a strong economy that you control will be in a much better position to address issues requiring attention when they can speak from a position of strength. In the absence of this, you will be forced to settle for what those in power give to you, or allow you to have.

Right now, the businesses and religious institutions within your community are actually the power bases, because they alone, control or influence your people as a group, who actively participate in the local economy. They, along with the members of your community that have the necessary financial resources, utilizing the lawyers available to you, not the lawyers provided to you by the system, collectively have the power to stop the negative actions being taken against your people. All of the shooting and killing can be stopped, or at least curtailed, just by saying so, if you demonstrate to them, that it is you, that has power. Much of the acquiring or confiscation of your land and assets can also be stopped.

This may be hard to take, but here it is. The government, the legal, and the law enforcement communities have one thing in common. They all respect power, and until you can control the economy of your community, then let me tell you, that without a certain level of control over your economic conditions, then - you, have, no, power!

Our business model demonstrates that the WorldSideUp system, once implemented in your community, can provide you with the economic stimulus that is needed to become extremely powerful. Enough said.


In the 1960's, under the administration of President Lyndon Johnson, the people of America were provided with the Great Society, which was a government sponsored series of programs which lifted more people up and out of poverty than at any other time in American history, and it was designed for the poor, or so we thought.

The WorldSideUp system was designed to create a "Mega Cooperative Community", and to lift every Member equally to new heights economically.

We realize that our system will lift a historic number of people up to the middle income level and do it fast, but for an increasingly high number of people who feel that the current economy has left them behind, there is not much time left to make some sort of positive impact on their personal economic situation.

We want to help those without a voice to earn an income while stabilizing and growing the historically disadvantaged and economically challenged communities. You will begin to see measurable results within 90 days, for which, the new members, both business and individuals, will thank you profusely.

With our system, we will succeed by working together. You don't have to wait for a vote or for someone to give you permission. Just like Dorthy in the wizard of Oz, you have all the power you need, right now, to substantially improve your current situation. Believe it or not, there is no one empowered to tell you no. The results will be astonishing.

Some things we will not create, we will simply enhance. For example, everything from a stable, financially sound government, to a thriving small business community, is not normally created by us, but made stronger using our system.

The WorldSideUp system was designed specifically to raise your baseline income up from $0 per month to $4,000 per month, or even up to $20,000 per month by working with us with the right credentials and skills that we need in order to continue providing this community changing service to all people, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation.

For businesses, if you advertise, list, and market your products with us in our Virtual Mega SuperMall, we will guaranteed to sell your products and services, or buy your products for up to $9,000 per quarterly pay-period.

This equates to a potential of up to $36,000 per person per year in disposable income for any Business or Individual with a Storefront in our system. It also makes your company qualified for the millions of dollars in additional purchases that will be required to be made by WorldSideUp & Associates on a monthly basis.

This amount will go to the member businesses and companies that sponsor or participate with WorldSideUp in any financial way, from advertising partners, to qualified member companies that are in good standing.

Individuals are paid either weekly or monthly, depending on their personal income level. Once an Individual reaches $2,000 per month, then they receive weekly payments from that date, forward. Business Storefronts have four pay periods per year.

For non-profit or socially conscience organizations, if you are a member of our group, you can benefit from among other things, the steady cash flow and the availability of resources and materials that we and our affiliates can provide.

With a new, "Work Based, Universal Baseline Income" for all people, you will have substantially more disposable income available in your family unit and in your community. Businesses will have the safety and security of a product and services sales guarantee of up to $36,000 per year, and communities can plan better, grow stronger, and thrive.

We would like to include more local governments in the program for obvious reasons, the incredible benefit to the local tax base, but if they choose not to participate, we will move forward anyway.

At some point in time in our lives, we all have been faced with the loss of a job through no fault of our own. From plant closings and downsizing, to corporate re-location and factory automation, unfortunately, with the moves that companies are currently making, and will continue to make in the future to reduce the cost of products manufactured worldwide, communities have not seen the last of the cost reduction measures.

It's not totally the fault of the companies, nor is it totally the fault of the people that work for them or with them.

The employees just wish for the Companies to be strait-forward with them, so that they can plan for a stress free, prosperous future.

The companies, on the other hand, simply wish to remain profitable and competitive, earning the highest profits possible for their shareholders, and to do so, they must continue to reduce the cost of product manufacturing.

Lets face it, on average, between the cost of wages, vacation, FICA Taxes, management, real estate, life and health insurance, pensions, retirement and other miscellaneous cost, human capital provides the highest cost line item that can be cut, so if you still have a job or a career, watch out, for they are eventually coming for your position.

A better test of your true job security is to ask yourself, honestly, can the work that I do for the company be replaced by automation? Earlier, we said that the WorldSideUp System could save you from the plights associated with poverty, unemployment and progress. Progress is good, but only for those in a position to take advantage of it. Have you ever stopped to think about why people are really unemployed. In most cases, it is as a direct result of progress. If you can be replaced by progress, then it is only good if you are prepared for it. The WorldSideUp System can prepare you and your community for progress.

Do not be caught unprepared, or as they say, with your pants down. Be ready with a "Work-Based Universal Baseline Income" by WorldSideUp, and have it already in place.

Job losses due to cost reduction methods, automation, international trade agreements, and competition from third world countries, are continuing to escalate, and there is nothing that you or your leaders can, or will do about it. You will need to get on board with our program like your livelihood depended on it, because, frankly speaking, it does. Why put yourself in a position to worry about things that you have absolutely no control over?

Bringing our system into your community is more powerful and will have more of a positive impact than bringing in a fortune 500 company. Why? Because, at WorldSideUp and Associates, we will never leave you or move away, because, it is you that we call the Associates, and without you, we are just WorldSideUp, still strong, but much stronger working with you, and you will be much stronger by working with us.

WorldSideUp will help your community businesses by purchasing the excess inventory from all of the member businesses on an ongoing basis, thus requiring a continuous restocking of the store shelves, and creating the need for a constant replacement of inventory, spurning a need for more manufacturing and thus, manufacturing jobs. We will actually provide the resources to create and operate new businesses, initially retail and service, and then, manufacturing.

We will provide a Work Based Universal Baseline Income to every member in the community, even the children, and soon, we will be there for the community to provide a restitution and income plan to those that were incarcerated, contingent upon the WorldSideUp system reaching maturity.

WorldSideUp actually provides a "Birth till Death" income for every member, but it does count on the participation by all entities in the community participating in the WorldSideUp System in a responsible way.

A Birth until Death income will provide you with a safety net, giving you the ability to challenge yourself and take the calculated risks that every adult inevitably takes. The system pays less for child members, but does pay an amount with other benefits.

This will make certain that children will benefit from an inheritance, regardless of the family's condition or situation. Adults and children are paid by WorldSideUp, in addition to anyincomeyou may havefrom a totally non-related job or a separate career.

Is your current job or your business part-time or seasonal? Do you need to have cash flow during the down time? Would you like to have an income of up to $48,000 per year plus a business with up to $36,000 in yearly funding for products with a Guarantee that they will be sold? Then, the WorldSideUp integrated program is definitely for you.

As a member, we will provide you or your company with a year-round income that you can count on for life, or the life of your company. That is powerful.

Why would we do those things? Because we know that their is a better way, a way that will provide a better life for all of the members and residents of your community, and the people of the world.

Think of the positive impact of not worrying about being downsized due to plant closings, corporate re-location and factory systems automation androbotics.

What would we be able to accomplish if we wasted no time worrying about personal financial matters, because they were no longer a part of the fear equation, you know what I'm talking about.

The fear of loosing everything such as your home, your car or truck, your stability and your lifestyle and the ability to provide for the future of your family or loved ones due to job loss.

What we are offering to you is the most viable short and long term solution to these and other problems, and we would like for you to be one of the very first recipients of this community saving technology.

At WorldSideUp, we do not measure our success by the amount of money that we have made, but in how much we have assisted you by providing income and security to you, and those in your community.

Lets get back to a time when we were happy and truly in control of our lives. Do not allow others to define and control you, to hijack your personal economy or to be disrespected simply because of your need for an income. Work for the love and enjoyment of it, with the company that you wish to work with.

Thank you very much again, for taking the time to listen to our ground braking presentation on the benefits and advantages of working with WorldSideUp . Look around you, it's happening right now, in front of your face, and even in your community.

The world is changing, and it will continue to change. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just uncomfortably different, until you get used to it. Think of it as if you were retiring early, with a business and an incredible income.

The WorldSideUp Membership requirements are as follows:,

  • Adults can join WorldSideUp for a small monthly membership fee with no Storefront. You will earn a Universal Baseline Income of up to $2,000 per month for simply being a member with no strings attached.

  • Adults can also take advantage of the best membership available to individuals, which is, that of a Master Agent, and receive the benefit of a funded Business in WorldSideUp, all for a monthly fee. The membership comes with a business that is funded in the amount of up to $9,000 per quarter or up to $36,000 per year, with a flexible Storefront.

This is the membership that we at WorldSideUp strongly recommend for Individuals, because, as a member, it provides you with the best opportunity for a pathway to wealth by offering you a funded business that belongs to you until death. The Master Agent will earn up to $4,000 per month, or up to $20,000 per month, if you work with us, and possess the required credentials. Also, your Storefront is paid up to $9,000 per quarter or $36,000 per year, and you are eligible to have your products listed for purchase or sale in the Virtual Mega SuperMall, which is the WorldSideUp sponsored Amazon styled shopping venue.

  • Businesses can also take advantage of the tremendous opportunity presented by WorldSideUp for a small monthly fee. Those in the main program will yield a quarter for dollar in guaranteedreturn on spending, or 25% of the amount spent in Advertising and Listing services per month, to be paid in the purchase of products and services from your storefront. The value will be reconciled quarterly with the Storefront that earns up to $9,000 per quarter, for a total of up to $84,000 per year. Your business is eligible to have an unlimited amount of products or services listed for sale in the Virtual Mega SuperMall, which is our Amazon styled shopping venue.

  • Educational Groups, Schools, Teams and Organizations of all kinds can become a part of WorldSideUp for a small monthly fee. Organizations will receive a flexible Storefront. The Organizations will earn up to $4,000 per month plus up to $36,000 per year with the flexible Storefront. They are also eligible to receive low to no cost products and equipment, plus other tangible benefits designed to meet your specific needs.

Both Businesses and Organizations can participate in our Income Assistance Program, which pays your business up to $30,000 per person per year, to assist you in providing wages, benefits and to assist you in elevating the financial packages that you offer to and make available to your staff and employees. This wage supplement is made available to you for a small monthly fee, and unlike a business expansion loan, it does not have to be repaid.

In order to start a new community in WorldSideUp, first, please understand that we come to the table with all of the above mentioned features, and all that takes a herculean effort on our part. We only ask that you bring the minimum number required to get a new community started in WorldSideUp within 30 days.

We will also need for you to provide a list of businesses in your community that you have a good relationship with. Initially, they can provide the community with products or services. Eventually, each and every business in the region will be given the opportunity to join WorldSideUp..

A list of churches, synagogues or mosques should also be provided, as they may wish to lead a group or a new community, but, in any case, out of respect, they should be notified of our program and the intent to place WorldSideUp & Associates in the community.

Our Mother Ship model reaches maturity at exactly 893,172 members with their associated Storefronts, and can be duplicated multiple times in order to include more members. All Guarantees made are based on the WorldSideUp system that you are enrolled in reaching maturity. We will work with you and your community to inject the WorldSideUp system into the position which is at the most advantageous to your group.

We will provide your community with the following features designed to make your new life easier:.

  • A new Work Based Universal Baseline Income of up to $4,000 per month for adults.

  • A Business Income Subsidy Program of up to $2,500 per month per person.

  • A Legal Team for Assistance with your new Business Incorporation.

  • A Business Joint Venture strategy for all Businesses in our system.

  • A Product Purchase Guarantee, whereas WorldSideUp will facilitate the purchase of products and-or services of up to $9,000 per quarter or up to $36,000 per year for member companies.

  • An Amazon styled shopping venue, whereby member companies can list their products and-or services to be marketed for sale.

  • A Yellow Pages styled Business Directory, where member companies can identify and provide access to their products and-or services.

  • An Amway styled Direct Marketing system where any member can sell your products and earn an income.

  • A Craigslist styled International Listing System.

  • An Alibaba styled product delivery system where nation based products can be listed for sale. For example, in America, products made in America will be identified by listing in the OurWorldPages Business Directory, and only American made products will be purchased by WorldSideUp as a part of the Mass Purchase Program. P. S.. The same service will be available in other countries.

  • An Angie's List styled service providers rating system.

  • An EBay styled payment system.

  • A New Business Program for Master Agent members.

  • A Huffington Post styled Press Release & Content Management System.

  • Beginning in Fall 2020, A College Educational Assistance Program for members.

  • A Community Organizations Funding Program.

  • Beginning in Fall 2019, A Health Insurance Program for individual members, whereas, all members will be given the option to participate in the program, with no out of pocket costs incurred.

  • A Summer Jobs Plan for adolescents of all ages.

  • A Child Income Program.

  • Beginning in Fall 2018, A Program which provides Income for Previously Incarcerated Citizens.

  • Multiple Memberships Are Allowed.

  • Access to a Housing Planning service.

  • and many other programs and benefits to numerous to list.

Remember that the WorldSideUp system is designed to help Individuals with an Income from Birth until Death, to help Businesses with capital needs, income subsidies, and with product purchase Guarantees. If you can find one other system on earth that will do all those things, then we would like to see it in operation.You will find that it doesn't exist.WorldSideUp has the ability to operate in over 200 countries. There has never been a company in the World like WorldSideUp & Associates. NOT-ONE!

Feel free to contact us via email to gain more insight on this very powerful, yet, local government friendly, unique system, the system of the future.

WorldSideUp & Associates will be the catalyst for the Greatest economic shift in history, and you will be at the center of it. You will finally benefit from your efforts in life. In America, favorable preference will be given to American made products, and the impact on the manufacturing community will be incredible.

Communities will thrive due to our policies, primarily the one that says that, at WorldSideUp , "We do Business With Those That Do Business With Us". That will change many things, including, the way that we conduct ourselves doing business.

It is very important to us that you fully understand the WorldSideUp system and what it can do for you. Income security and business opportunities will never be the same, for you will have security for life.

Similar policies will be available and in effect in other countries.

In summary, the WorldSideUp system provides a list of incredible services for all members. Whether it is a community of 100, or a State, a Country, or the entire world, WorldSideUp is here for you.

The WorldSideUp Startup Sequence is as follows:.

Beginning on Monday, January 1, 2018, WorldSideUp Team Number One, or, Mother- Ship One, based in the South Eastern United States, will begin the start-up sequence with 893,172 members and 893,172 Storefronts, or one businessfor each person. The seats will be filled on a first come, first served basis, and are expected to fill up quickly.

As a note, companies and individuals can begin registration in the summer of 2017 and are STRONGLY encouraged to do so.

Phase one will extend through the end of 2018. During that time, we will go community by community in order to assist businesses incorporate into WorldSideUp as Business Associates, and individuals as Master Agents. We project that during phase one, Membership should reach 10,000,000 users, with 893,172 Master Agents being employed by WorldSideUp..

During Phase two, the Master Agents will be able to enter into and activate their new businesses to be funded by WorldSideUp.. The business units will be incorporated and able to enter into joint Ventures with WorldSideUp or with each other in order to create additional businesses and financial security to the community. The 1st wave should be completed by the spring of 2019.

For Phase three, the health insurance initiative and college educational assistance program will be activated in stages with these being available and assessable to you through your storefronts, and this will be an ongoing series of events.

Remember, the future, is now, and you can be free of your economic burden and the ongoing threat that asks you? "What Happens To Me When I Am Left Without Employment Or An Income"? And you can answer that, for as long as there is a company called WorldSideUp & Associates in my life, I am alright!


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