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WorldSideUp Systems consists of a comprehensive group of service providers which are required to support the Mission of MC2 Community Business Systems, which is to help like-minded Businesses and Individuals within the Community.

  • Providing a Guarantee to Purchase Their Products Listed in the Virtual Mega SuperMall (up to per month or up to per year), and
  • Providing Subsidies to businesses so as to provide better wages with benefits.


  • Provide a Work Based Universal Baseline Income,
  • Payoff All Student Loan Debt at a rate of $1,000,000 per month per Team (We have identified 67 Teams across America, with the potential of 500)
  • Provide a Small Business - Funded and including access to Health Insurance, Cellular Services and College Funding.

(All Available at Sectional System Maturity)


  • The OurWorldPages Business Directory is a Business Directory which complies with Our Motto which states that "We Do Business with Companies That Do Business with Us" and being listed in this Directory provides the minimum requirement to meet the certification.

  • WSBO & Associates is the World Small Business Organization which is inclusive of ALL of the Individual and Business Members. Various Service providers make available and/or provide their products and/or services to the WSBO Membership. As a provider of products and/or services, your company qualifies for Membership in WSBO with all of the Rights and Privileges of a Business Member.

  • The Virtual Mega SuperMall is a Locally Owned online Mall providing marketing and sales of products and services to our constituents. Business Members can have their products and/or services listed, advertised, marketed and sold in the Worlds "ONLY" Community Saving, "Amazonian Styled" shopping venue.

  • The Business & Education Digest is a series of online publications providing advertising, marketing and press release services to our WSBO Associates.

  • Cooperative Community Legal Services is a Legal services provider of Incorporation and Joint Ventures.

  • Construction P.A.S.S. is a Construction Planning and Scheduling Services provider which supports the WSBO Group.
  • The Business & Education Foundation will offer its Signature Program which provides the following:

A Democratic approach to Student Loan assistance.

In conjunction with President Biden's move to grant a $10,000 and $20,000 Student Loan Relief Package to the people of America, we, at the Business & Education PPF Foundation are committed to helping to provide additional assistance to our members by offering the following program which will be a long-lasting initiative.

  • Student Loan Payoff - In Full (At a rate of $1,000,000 per month)
  • $10.000 in Cash - as assistance in starting your new career.
  • $10,000 or $20,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest.
  • $5,000 in Products from ANY Local VMS Store.

Students and/or Adults Without Student Loans

  • $10.000 in Cash - as assistance in starting your new career or advancing in your existing career.
  • $10,000 or $20,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest

Adolescents - Future Students

  • Future Student Loan Payoff - In Full (At a rate of $1,000,000 per month)
  • $10,000 in cash paid to the 529 Savings Account in the State of Residence in the name of the student and $10,000 in Products from ANY Local VMS Store.
  • $10,000 or $20,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest

Membership in The Business & Education Digest Subscription & Student Loan Payoff Program - By State is a Prerequisite for Membership in The MC Squared Community Business Systems Corporation.

World Small Business Organization

The World Small Business Organization or (WSBO) is a component of the upcoming MC2 Community Business Systems portfolio of projects designed specifically for the development of a nationwide UBI (Universal Baseline Income) system. Its implementation will revolutionize the government operations. When properly operated, the System can and will have an impact on:

A. Universal Baseline Income of $5,000 per month, which includes:

1. $2,000 in cash, and totally controlled by you, and

2. $500 in Groceries, and

3. $1,500 in business income and/or controlled by you,

4. $1,000 in investment income with shared control but benefiting you.

VMS Delivery & Concierge Services,

We will implement a Shopping & Delivery Network which converts Every City and Town in every state to a Statewide Integrated Amazonian Styled Shopping Venue, each with Local Ownership and Supported by an integrated Product Advertising and Delivery System which does not add to the overall cost of the product, which is at present, one of the prevailing causes of inflation.

The Business & Education Digest

A continuously updated online publication that provides reporting on the issues that are relevant and have an impact on the business and education communities. It is also the primary means of communications with the membership. The Business & Education Digest is our initial method of paying off your Student Loan Debt that is making it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your financial goals in the early phase of your life. Among the many expenses & obligations associated with running the company, The Business & Education Digest will Pay Off your Student Loan Debt on a first come, first serve basis, as follows:

1. Student Loan Payoff in full by A non-profit agent associate of The Business & Education Digest and receive $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest.

2. Members WITHOUT Student Loans requiring repayment will receive $10,000 in cash, $5,000 in Products by The Business & Education Digest Advertisers and $10,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest.

3. Children and Adolescent Members will receive $10,000 in cash paid to the 529 Savings Account in the State of Residence, $10,000 in Products by The Business & Education Digest Advertisers and $10,000 in future stocks issued to The Business & Education Digest.

Membership in The Business & Education Digest Subscription & Student Loan Payoff Program - By State is a Prerequisite for Membership in The MC Squared Community Business Systems Corporation.

Note: The Student Loan Payoff & The Subsequent Benefits Program will begin when Team Number One (1) Membership reaches 705,894 members, or the size required to start the Universal Baseline Income Initiative. For example: Based on the 2020 Census Data, the population of Georgia is 10,711,908, so it is large enough to have over 15 Teams. We will aim for 3 Teams initially.

We, at The Business & Education Digest, will provide a platform for your State and Local Representative to share with you, the status of positions that he, or she has taken on specific legislation that you need to be aware of.

We, at The Business & Education Digest, will provide a Businessperson and an Educator of the Month to a person in the communities which participate. The Awards are accompanied by a Cash Award of $500.00 is to be considered as a small token for continued Great service to your community.

The Subscription Rate for The Business & Education Digest is $36.00 per year plus tax. Only those with a Subscription will be eligible for the above-mentionedpayoff benefitsand subsequent compensations. You may ask, why we do what we do? The answer is simple. Our Goal is to live in a Better World, and when we leave, to have truly made a difference.

Educational Non-profit
Our Goal is to help to make Education more affordable and accessible to ALL Members of our Community by:

Paying off the outstanding Student Loan of all members of our community at a rate of $1,000,000 per month on a first to sign up, first to pay off basis.

  • First, from the Subscription Revenue of The Business & Education Digest.
  • Second, from the Philanthropic Donations and Contributions of others.
  • Third, from the revenue from the sales of Advertisement in The Business & Education Digest

The Virtual Mega SuperMall

The venue holding products, by Town or City, dedicated to creating a Mega Shopping venue in every Town or City that you want to support. Every Municipality has stores with products to sell. The Virtual Mega SuperMall

VMS Concierge & Delivery

The Wholistic product delivery service designed to provide Product Delivery and Concierge Services to any location which has Products provided by The Virtual Mega SuperMall.

WorldSideUp, The67th and WSBO and MC2 Community Business Systems Stock

One of the 1st actions that will be taken by WSBO is to conduct a pre-IPO placement for the sale of a large blocks of stock in WorldSideUp, The67th, WSBO, MC2Community Business Systems and any other company named in advance of its listing. The shares will be transferred to The Business & Education Digest in order to be used to distribute to the candidates receiving Student Loan Repayment Benefits and/or any receiver of Benefits. They will get the shares at a discount from the IPO price. For The67th, WSBO, and/or any other the placement is a way to raise funds and offset the risk that the IPO will not be as successful as hoped.

President Biden,

We are DEFINITELY big moral supporters of the Democratic Party and have some suggestions and recommendations that we feel could strengthen the outlook for success in the midterm elections. As a company, we are considered Politically Independent and have a consultancy which, quite frankly, has an interest in starting a new political party. With all due respect, neither the Democrats nor Republicans have done too much towards addressing and solving our issues.

Our Firm is here to give the Democrats "One More Chance" to do what is known to be the right thing while helping to meet your agenda.
Here is how we feel that we may be of assistance.

Student Loan Forgiveness

We believe that If you agree to wipe the Existing Debt off of the Books, then we can agree to make payments in the amount of $1M/month per team from our Non-profit partner as a conciliation.

$15.00 per hour Minimum Wage

We believe that we can do better than that without causing additional inflation. WSBO stands ready to implement our project called "The67th" which will raise the income baseline up from $0 to $5,000 per month for every citizen. Additionally, Businesses will receive $2,000 per month for each person that was on their payroll at their peak.

All this should make it Very Attractive for the Business and Education Communities, and thus, garnish their support the Democratic Party in this midterm election and for those in the foreseeable future.

Elections will be based on the presentation of "Good Ideas" vs. personalities, as they should be. Personalities does not equate to financial security.

Immigrationand The Southern Borders

Our System Allows Emigrants and Non-Pats to be paid up to $1,500 per month to REMAIN in their "Country of Origin" and not attempt to Illegally immigrate to the U,S. for reasons of Financial Survival.

Child Care Program Funding

The System as Designed, allows for a Payment for each child of $360.00 per month for each child in the System paid directly to the parents or guardians of the children. This is in addition to the affordable Day Care Centers which will be incorporated in the areas.

The Economy

The U.S. is a Great - Rich and Powerful Nation, and we can still lead the world by Economic example by sharing this technology and knowhow with the other countries of the world based on need. We don't need a Belt and Road Initiative in order to grow and prosper. Just provide the financial engine to operate. That's what we have the Best Colleges and Universities for.

The "Greatest" change in the U.S. will be is the Impact on the GDP, because it will "EXPLODE" due to the influx of new "WORKING" money in the Economy and the Stabilization of immigration due to the new financial initiatives.

Economic Impact
Due to the bottom-up nature of our UBI System, you will find that it is unnecessary to increase the tax rates for anyone in the System because the funds received will raise the earned income up to a higher bracket on its own. In addition, the States will benefit from the additional revenue of everyone being in business.


By implementing our program, in essence, you will lift ALL of America to another level, adding $2,500 per month or $30,000 per year to everyone's income. The message should be, what do you wish for in an administration. A push towards Authoritarianism, with a lying cheating maniac in charge or, with the economic troubles that face us in the near future and beyond, a new Universal Baseline Income for the future. One is destined to Destroy this country or the other will save it for the foreseeable future. And it will be accomplished responsibly. No new Taxes! As a matter of fact, we will pay down the deficit.

And while we are talking about it, each and every business will receive $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year for every person that they employed. (Peake Employment)

We are going to make every Town and every City in every State into an Amazonian styled mega business along with a product delivery system that rivals any in the world. And don't worry about the government interfering in your business or cutting you out of business opportunities because we are making those businesses available to the public.

Other Areas of Concern

Impact on Crime

Cities and towns alike will benefit from the fact that most local crime is "Petty Crime". For example,

  • Breaking and entering
  • Theft
  • Jobs and Employment


"Just another "Construct" for the wealthy to raise prices on the very people that buy your products, because you feel that they don't deserve any additional money, and you can make better use of it by increasing your Bottom Line and show the investors in your company just how smart of a businessperson that you are. They don't worry about it. They celebrate it!"

If the Democrats can retain control of the Senate and House, and gain two Senate seats, then Biden and the Democrats would be able to enact a substantial program of economic, health care, crime, climate change and voting rights legislation along with a Safety Net including student loan forgiveness achieved with an executive order with a Universal Baseline Income of $5,000 per month for all Americans which addresses reparations for Blacks and Indians, reducing the Deficit, and increasing the GDP of the people, all of which a majority of Americans will applaud.

Understanding that the mere mention of reparations will make the program "Dead Upon Arrival", hide the reparations components within the details. Also, make the program a private venture so that the RULES can be executed without political impact.

To then secure the 2024 Elections, we will make the results of the 18-month study go into effect in 2025.

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