MC2 Community Business Systems - Bringing UBI of $5,000 per month To Your Community While Paying Off Student Loans In Full

MC2 Community Business Systems consists of a core group of service providers which are required to support the Mission of MC2 Community Business Systems, which is to help like minded Businesses and Individuals within the Community.. BUSINESSES Providing a Guarantee to Purchase Their Products Listed in the Virtual Mega SuperMall (up to $9,000 per month or up to $36,000 per year), and Providing Subsidies to businesses so as to provide better wages with benefits. INDIVIDUALS Provide a Work Based Universal Baseline Income, Payoff All Student Loan Debt at a rate of $1,000,000 per month per Team (We have identified 67 Teams across America, with the potential of 300) Provide a Small Business - Funded and including access to Health Insurance, Cellular Services and College Funding. (All Available at Sectional System Maturity) MC2 COMMUNITY BUSINESS SYSTEMS The OurWorldPages Business Directory is a Business Directory providing listing services to "Companies Who Do Business With Us". WSBO & Associates is the World Small Business Organization providing a variety of business services to our business members. We believe that every person in the world possesses the potential for greatness, and just needs the opportunity to showcase it. The Virtual Mega SuperMall is an online Mall providing marketing and sales of products and services to our constituents. The Business & Education Digest is a series of online publications providing advertising, marketing and press release services to our business Associates. Cooperative Community Legal Services is a Legal services provider of Incorporation and Joint Ventures. Construction P.A.S.S. is a Construction Planning and Scheduling Services provider which supports the WorldSideUp infrastructure from within. In addition, we have the Associates, who represent the new and existing Businesses providing a WIDE variety of services to you, our members, WorldSideUp as a company and the general customer population. We don't interrupt the way that they do business, just add to the way that they do business.

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