Questions & Answers Q1 Are we Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing or Pyramid Scheme? A1 No. We have studied the above mentioned Business Models in depth, and avoided the things which made us appear as one. I don't want my grandmother in a pyramid scheme, and I feel very comfortable that if they join us, they can feel comfortable that they are not in one.Remember, this is a business for the people. As a result, we have no up line, no sponsors or unique products. We have none of the features that make us qualify as a Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing or a Pyramid Company. What we are is a Cooperative Community that is concerned and looks out for its Members.The primary goal is to make available to all Individual Members a Work-Based Universal Baseline Income of $4,000 per month with a Business Enterprise for life. Q2 But, aren’t the monthly fees involved similar to what we see in Multi-level Marketing? A2 No. The fees for membership are used totally for the Capitalization and Funding of the Incorporated Businesses that you, and every Member receives upon joining the WorldSideUp System via WSBO. The Businesses may enter into Joint Ventures with companies which are inside of the community.We do business that do business with us, and we are unapologetic about it. During Phase 2, the Capitalization of the Businesses will come from Investments to you and your Business through WSBO. Q3 What happens if and when you decide to leave the Multi-level Marketing Business? A3 When you leave the Multi-level Marketing Business, and I have no doubt that you will leave, then all of the people that you introduced into the Business that are still in will suddenly become even more profitable to the company. Why, because you choose to leave, so your commissions now go where to the company and your up line. The Company gets Bigger and Stronger, and you get nothing in the long run. Q4 Where did this WorldSideUp System and the concept of a Cooperative Community come from? A4 The original concept came from our Ancestors in Africa. This System was modernized in such a way that no person is abandoned in their time of need. We have developed the only totally sustainable business model out there, and the sustainability is not based on a pyramid scheme, but a cooperative community concept enacted by Africans, whereby no one was left without. Q5 Why is WorldSideUp needed? A5 Whether it’s due to modernization, unemployment, automation and AI, or the downsizing of companies, WorldSideUp provides a modern day protection System from life’s changes. Summary Statement I HATE PYRAMID SCHEMES, as I have studied them closely and have to yet to find one that actually delivers on its promises, either short term or long term. My research has discovered that those companies are designed to take the potential good clients from you, and when you finally get out, and you will, they are left with your contacts and sales. Whether that was the intended consequences, I will leave that up to you. When Amway, Avon, Legal Services, Primerica and many others use the exact same model, it is a great idea. When Belk's uses the same capitalization blueprint as we do, nobody said it was a pyramid scheme. (They started their Business as a Consignment store and so do we.) If you study our system closely, you will discover that we offer all the advantages of those Business Models while offering NONE of the features which present disastrous results. The system is not intended to have any one unit capitalized more than another. The capitalization will come by way of all of the small companies that get Incorporated by CCLS in your state of residence, which is the Legal arm of the WorldSideUp System paying their dues.

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The Cooperative Communities System - Watch As Your Community Explodes With Growth

WorldSideUp consists of a core group of service providers which are required to support the Mission of WorldSideUp, Which is to help Businesses and Individuals alike. BUSINESSES Providing a Guarantee to Purchase Their Products Listed in the Virtual Mega SuperMall (up to $9,000 per month or up to $36,000 per year), and Providing Subsidies to businesses so as to provide better wages with benefits. INDIVIDUALS Provide a Work Based Universal Baseline Income, and Provide a Small Business - Funded and including access to Health Insurance, Cellular Services and College Funding. (All Available at Sectional System Maturity) COOPERATIVE COMMUNITIES & ASSOCIATES The OurWorldPages Business Directory is a Business Directory providing listing services to "Companies Who Do Business With Us". WSBO & Associates is the World Small Business Organization providing a variety of business services to our business members. We believe that every person in the world possesses the potential for greatness, and just needs the opportunity to express it. The Virtual Mega SuperMall is an online Mall providing marketing and sales of products and services to our constituents. The Business & Education Digest is a series of online publications providing advertising, marketing and press release services to our business Associates. Cooperative Community Legal Services is a Legal services provider of Incorporation and Joint Ventures. Construction P.A.S.S. is a Construction Planning and Scheduling Services provider which supports the WorldSideUp infrastructure from within. In addition, we have the Associates, who represent the new and existing Businesses providing a WIDE variety of services to you, our members, WorldSideUp as a company and the general customer population. We don't interrupt the way that they do business, just add to the way that they do business.

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