The Cooperative Communities System - Watch As Your Community Explodes With Growth

The Cooperative Communities System - Watch As Your Community Explodes With Growth
WorldSideUp consists of a core group of service providers which are required to support the Mission of WorldSideUp, Which is to help Businesses and Individuals alike.

  • Providing a Guarantee to Purchase Their Products Listed in the Virtual Mega SuperMall (up to $9,000 per month or up to $36,000 per year), and
  • Providing Subsidies to businesses so as to provide better wages with benefits.


  • Provide a Work Based Universal Baseline Income, and
  • Provide a Small Business - Funded and including access to Health Insurance, Cellular Services and College Funding.

(All Available at Sectional System Maturity)


  • The OurWorldPages Business Directory is a Business Directory providing listing services to "Companies Who Do Business With Us".

  • WSBO & Associates is the World Small Business Organization providing a variety of business services to our business members. We believe that every person in the world possesses the potential for greatness, and just needs the opportunity to express it.

  • The Virtual Mega SuperMall is an online Mall providing marketing and sales of products and services to our constituents.

  • The Business & Education Digest is a series of online publications providing advertising, marketing and press release services to our business Associates.

  • Cooperative Community Legal Services is a Legal services provider of Incorporation and Joint Ventures.

  • Construction P.A.S.S. is a Construction Planning and Scheduling Services provider which supports the WorldSideUp infrastructure from within.

In addition, we have the Associates, who represent the new and existing Businesses providing a WIDE variety of services to you, our members, WorldSideUp as a company and the general customer population. We don't interrupt the way that they do business, just add to the way that they do business.

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